Antenna Bonding Manufacturer; OEM & ODM Service; Label Manufacturer; Daily Capacity 300M
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HY-Link is a professional RFID inlay and label manufacturer since 2003, with current capacity 3Millions daily and reach 6Billions annually in plan. The world class facility equipped top brands’ machines from Muehlbauer flip-chip bonding & converting. As a RAIN member, HY-Link aims the top player of independent inlay assembly hourse serving global market. Constant investment will benefit all partners reliable growth.
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Antenna: 95 × 3 mm Alien Higgs 3 Capacity 3M/Daily Library Management
RS-HYA-9640H3-3 Label
Antenna: 94.8 × 8.2mm Label: 98.2 × 12.3 mm Alien H3, Capacity 1M/Daily Logistics management
Antenna: 44.4 × 10.3 mm Alien Higgs 3 Capacity 3M/Daily Logistics & Clothing Management
Antenna: 45 × 45 mm Frequency: 13.86 ± 0.2 MHz
Antenna: 40 × 15 mm Alien Higgs 4 Capacity 3M/Daily Clothing Management
Antenna: 68 × 19.2 mm Impinj Monza 4QT Capacity 3M/Daily Logistics & Clothing Management
RS-HY0460MR6-3 Label
Antenna: 60 × 4mm Label: 64 × 6 mm Monza R6, Capacity 1M/Daily Logistics Management
RS-HY1835MR6-3 Label
Antenna:35 × 18 mm Label: 44 × 23 mm Monza R6,  Capacity 1M/Daily Retail Management
New Eco-Friendly RFID Tags
On Monday, November 11, 2019, RFID Canada will be introducing at the CUTA Annual Conference, in Calgary, the NEW Environmentally Friendly RFID Tickets This new eco-friendly contactless ticketing products are redefining RFID ticketing and its impact on our climate. JULIA ECO, newly released ECO RFID products distributed in North America by RFID Canada, are 100% PET (Plastic...
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The Reliable, Easiest And Most Cost-Effective Baggage Handling Solution In The Industry
FEIG Ecco+ has been such an awesome help in our operations where we don’t have printers that can encode directly onto the chip.  It’s a benefit to all airlines.” Dave Eastes, Delta Airlines solutions architect In  June 2018, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) adopted Resolution 753 that obligates its airline members to track  every it...
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